Brian S. Cantor, Attorney-At-Law’s What to do if You are in an Auto Accident

STOP IMMEDIATELY. Do not move from the spot of the accident unless you are in further danger remaining in place.

ASSIST ALL INJURED PERSONS. Either you call the police or have someone else call the police. If someone else is asked to call the police make sure they do so.

OBTAIN INFORMATION. To the best of your ability get the names of the drivers, addresses, telephone numbers of all witnesses, drivers and passengers. Get licenses and mark down all information on them for all drivers as well as information from their insurance card as well as the name and address of their local agent. Obtain information on the make and model of all automobiles involved in the accident. Make drawings of the accident scene. Take pictures if you have a camera of the accident scene and the damage to all vehicles. If you have to take pictures later, do so.

REMAIN CALM. Exchange information with the other driver. However, limit your conversation to the facts and your insurance information. Cooperate with the police. However, limit your comments to the facts and basic information. Remain courteous at all times.

NOTIFY YOUR INSURANCE AGENT OR AUTO INSURANCE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The timely notice to your insurance company will help protect your rights under the policy.

SEEK MEDICAL TREATMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU WERE INJURED. Your medical bills are paid by your auto insurance first if you have coverage. If the coverage does not exist or is exhausted you can have your medical bills paid by your health insurance carrier.

CALL ME. After you have done all the above, call me for an appointment. I can help guide you to obtain payment for your medical treatments and just compensation for your damage and injuries. DO NOT TALK TO THE OTHER PERSON’S INSURANCE COMPANY WITHOUT CONSULTING ME FIRST. THEY MAY TWIST WHAT YOU SAY TO AVOID PAYING YOU WHAT YOU DESERVE OR ENTICE YOU INTO A QUICK SETTLEMENT FOR FAR LESS THAN YOU ARE ENTITLED.