Brian S. Cantor, Attorney-At-Law’s: My Story

I have a deep personal understanding of what it is to be a small business owner. My father owned a pharmacy and one of my grandfathers owned a men’s clothing store.

From high school through college I worked at both the pharmacy and the men’s clothing store where I learned not only all the challenges there are to owning your business but also the sense of satisfaction derived from owning something that is truly yours.

I have continued the family tradition by owning my own law firm. One of my greatest joys is setting up a new business for a client but I am also there to help when things don’t go as planned and a business needs to litigate a claim against another business or former client.

Helping the small business owner, though only one aspect of my law practice, is an area where I am very proud of my successes.

Over the years, I have enjoyed being a home owner and have fond memories of the first night spent in the first home that I have purchased as a young man. I understand that for most people their home will be their most valuable single asset. I know the challenges faced by buyers and sellers. I take great pride in my real estate practice and now serve as Vice Chair of the Real Property Section of the Connecticut Bar.

In this website I have included some articles that are helpful for someone purchasing a home.

Under my firm resume you can learn more about me and the other areas of law that I practice.